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The Alta Mons 5k cross country course is a relatively flat course on grass, country road, and trail.  A forest section, a dry/marshy lake, and a picturesque road along a meadow are included, along with some trail.  The course goes around a grassy field, follows a wide forest path, and then doubles back around the dry/marshy lake.  That's the first mile.  The second mile follows a country road along a creek, rising slightly as the creek rises up into a hollow between hills.  Just past the 2 mile mark, the course does a relatively short trail loop before returning down the country road, finishing on that road just before you get to the starting location.  A beautiful run in the hills south of Shawsville, but....not a hilly run!

Photos below were taken in September 2015 by Megan M. and Jack S., as they walked the course.

The Shawsville 5K course is one of the flattest road courses in the entire region.  It is essentially a simple loop.

It begins just east (or downhill) of Shawsville Middle School on Rte. 1009 (Shawnee Court).  The starting line is at the turning circle at the top of the hill.  Runners make a right turn at the bottom onto Rte. 753 (Oldtown Road), where they encounter a slight, uphill grade, which occasionally undulates and continues to the one mile mark.

The course then flattens and continues to the water stop at the mile and a half mark just before reaching Ryan Hollow.

When Oldtown Road meets US 460, the runners turn left onto the left-hand shoulder of the highway (US 460).  At this point the gradient reverses to a slight, downhill one, which continues through the two mile mark to Shawsville’s main intersection.  Runners next turn left onto Rte. 637 (Stewart Lane) where they encounter the one significant hill, which is approximately fifty meters in length.  “It is not what it is, but where it is, that makes this rise a critical feature.”  Atop the hill, runners stay right to rejoin Oldtown Road, and continue downhill for the remaining half-mile or so of the race.  At Shawnee Court, runners turn left and sprint for the finish, which is only fifty meters ahead.  

The Course Map for the November Shawsville Cross Country 5K.

July 4th Shawsville 5K Course Map and Description