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We thank Race Director Marvin Ballard for 30+ years organizing races in the Shawsville area!

Past and future race directors - Marvin Ballard and K.C. Shrader.  Thank you! (Photo by Ed Kohinke)

Photos above show the November cross country course.

2017 second (Kevin McGuire) and third place (Lawson Mecum) XC runners.

(Photo by Ed Kohinke)

2017 XC winner - Nate Michener (new course record!)  (Photo by Ed Kohinke)

Start of the 36th Annual Shawsville 5K (2017)!   Photo by Ed Kohinke.

Old Glory on the 4th of July, 2017.

Thanks to our 2017 volunteers - the Shawsville/Elliston Ruritans.

The Alta Mons 5k cross country course is a relatively flat course on grass, country road, and trail.  A forest section, a dry/marshy lake, and a picturesque road along a meadow are included, along with some trail.  The course goes around a grassy field, follows a wide forest path, and then doubles back around the dry/marshy lake.  That's the first mile.  The second mile follows a country road along a creek, rising slightly as the creek rises up into a hollow between hills.  Just past the 2 mile mark, the course does a relatively short trail loop before returning down the country road, finishing on that road just before you get to the starting location.  A beautiful run in the hills south of Shawsville, but....not a hilly run!

Photos at left were taken in September 2015 by Megan M. and Jack S., as they walked the course. 

Race results for the Nov. 4th race are now posted on the Results page. 
Also see photo link on photo page!

Run for the Food Pantry!

The November XC 5K race benefits Dale's Place Food Pantry.  Proceeds provide significant support for the program, which had over 1600 visits last year, representing almost 5000 individuals. It is estimated that 1 child in 7 in SW Virginia will go to bed hungry. With the race coming just before the holiday season, the race proceeds will be put to use immediately. Thank you for your participation!